About Us

Miki Sushi is the new sushi revolution! We bring together a combination of elements that makes Miki the ultimate Sushi experience, including:

  1. Premium quality food
  2. Freshness
  3. Healthy
  4. Taste sensation
  5. Presentation
  6. Quality fit-outs

Premium Quality Food

No expense is spared in presenting a quality offering to our customers.  Our sushi rolls contain more fillings to rice ratio.  This not only looks great and but is also better value. Our roll sizes are more generous. Our rolls measure 40mm, our competitors sushi rolls are usually sized between 25mm and 35mm.


Miki Sushi is made fresh, all day long, by hand, and directly in front of customers.  You can see exactly what goes into our sushi, and if you have a special request, we can make it to order.  You can taste the freshness of the sushi with just one bite. We support local businesses and source our products locally to ensure we are using the freshest products available. We don’t have a head office that distributes pre-prepared food.  All of our food, including our sauces and marinades are made on site. Our menus change to seasonal availability.


For today’s health conscious society, sushi is a great alternative to the standard food offerings for a lunch or dinner. Our sushi is not processed and we use ingredients that we prepare on site. Customers want to know with exactly what goes into their sushi and at Miki, not only can you see the sushi being made in front of you, you can be assured that all ingredients are fresh for maximum nutritional value.  We cater for gluten free and dairy free, while any special request can be made to order.

Taste Sensation

Our recipes have been developed over many years by our expert team. Our tasty sauces in combination with the fresh ingredients and careful preparation result in simply a taste sensation


We have been told many times that our displays are spectacular. Our chefs are not just chefs, they are also artists. Each sushi and nigiri is a piece of art and presented in such a way that reflects this. Ours displays include specially designed lighting to really showcase the product.

Quality Fit Outs

Our stores are architecturally designed and built using quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. We use high quality wood, such as Tasmanian Oak, for our wood furnishings, quality stone bench tops, slate tiles, brushed aluminium panels and the latest LED lighting to create a trendy and relaxing ambience. Miki provides a relaxing atmosphere and is the place to be!


For further information, please contact us.